🪂Gabby Points Airdrop Program - Season 1

Gabby Points Airdrop Program - Season 1 🪂

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Gabby Points Airdrop Program! Players can now earn Gabby Points (GP) by playing on Gabby World V2 Alpha on Tabichain. This initiative is a token of gratitude for all our early contributors and supporters before the mainnet launch.

Program Details

👉 Campaign period: 1st of May to July (TBA) 👉 Rewards: Gabby Points (Future $GABBY) 👉 How to earn: Complete Quests on Zealy to earn XPs. 👉 Quest site: https://zealy.io/cw/gabbyworld/

What are Gabby Points (GP)?

Gabby Points are off-chain proprietary points for our $GABBY token. It is the primary currency in Gabby World V2. Players can stake GP to create Chapters, or spend GP to explore dungeons. Essentially, GP = $GABBY (pre-TGE).

Start earning Gabby Points through Zealy 🎯

You can start earning Gabby Points by completing quests on our Zealy to gain XPs.

These XPs will then be converted into Gabby Points upon BETA mainnet launch.

Pro tip: Climb up the XP leaderboard to increase your GP earnings!

Note that for the Alpha stage, all GP & Prompts on the test site are just testnet tokens and will be reset after the test. You can claim testnet GP along with the Prompts over at the “Quest Center” every 24 hours.

How to convert Zealy XPs to Gabby Points?

  • Your Gabby Points (GP) will be airdropped to you based on your XPs earned after the campaign ends. The more XPs you earn = the more GPs you get.

  • The XP to GP conversion ratio will be announced one week prior to BETA launch.

Additional Campaign Activities

🐞 Bugs Bounty Program [ONGOING] 🐞

🎁 Tabi Special Claim [LIMITED] 🎁

🎨 Creative Chapter Contest [NEW] 🎨

  • Weekly creative Chapter contest

  • Top 10 most creative entries wins extra 1000 XPs (determined by the team)

  • Submission link on Zealy

🐉 Special Alpha Quests [NEW] 🐉

  • Special game-related quests to boost your XP rewards!

  • Refreshes weekly

  • Rewards: 300 ~ 2000 XPs

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